As discriminating users of well-designed and reliable products and services - from smartphones to small business banking - we understand the value of consumer ratings. In fact, we host a holiday party every year around dramatic readings of the best Amazon reviews.


J.D. Power’s scientifically-derived ratings by verified consumers are ubiquitous in product and service advertising today. We helped them present themselves as ‘The World’s Trusted Consumer Ratings’ worldwide.  We have worked with McGraw Hill Financial since the mid-1990s, most recently collaborating with J.D. Power to provide a creative strategy for their global business-to-business and domestic business-to-consumer products and services.

Our collaboration with J.D. Power continually taps our creative talents for solutions as far ranging as product naming & branding, marketing message development,  the UX/UI design of a cross-industry data-delivery platform, and public Web sites in six languages including: Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. This site incorporates a database of thousands of press releases and pieces of intellectual property.

skills deployed: discovery, information architecture, copywriting, UX design, UI design, database architecture, Drupal, CiviCRM, HTML, CSS, SOLR, administrator training, ongoing support